Male Infertility

If you’re having trouble trying to start your family, you’re not alone. Traditionally defined as an inability to achieve pregnancy after twelve months of unprotected intercourse, one in six couples will experience issues with infertility. Despite what many people assume, this is not always a problem with the female partner and a contributing male factor can be identified up to 50% of the time.

There can be many reasons for men to experience problems with their fertility. These include environmental exposure, intrinsic testicular issues, or anatomic problems with the tubing that carries sperm, as is the case with men who have previously undergone vasectomy. Regardless of your issue, it is important that you receive the best care possible and seek out a specialist who has extensive fellowship training in both men’s health and male fertility.

Achieving a pregnancy is a ‘team sport’ – both for couples and for their doctors. That' why it’s essential that both the male and female partner undergo comprehensive evaluations in order to maximize their chances to conceive.