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Dr. Alex Tatem

My name is Alex Tatem and I'm a fellowship-trained urologist with a special interest in men's health, wellness and male fertility. Originally from Georgia, I graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 2013 as member of the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. I then went on to residency at Indiana University where I received extensive surgical and clinical training in all aspects of modern urology. This includes thousands of open, robotic, and endoscopic surgeries.

It was during this time that I developed a strong interest in men's health and male fertility. As a physician and surgeon, I often saw patients suffering from conditions that had been years in the making. It was for the reason that I made the decision to dedicate myself to helping men live their best life right now rather than wait for something to go wrong later in life.

I then went on to complete a fellowship in Male Fertility and Sexual Health at Baylor College of Medicine. This time was completely dedicated to treating men struggling to start their families, trying to revitalize their sex life, and overcome the side effects of cancer treatment. I then returned to Indianapolis to join my friend, mentor and now-partner Dr. Jason Kovac at the Men’s Health Center at Urology of Indiana.

I've created this website as an educational tool to help patients to learn more about themselves and how to optimize their own sexual and reproductive health. My goal is to breakdown the perceived barriers between patients and their physicians and encourage open dialogue and partnership.

I'm always available on social media through any of the links below - so feel free to reach out and let's get better together!




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